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Keeping it Simple: Direct Cremation Service in Geneseo, IA


In today’s world, families are increasingly choosing to skip traditional funeral services. Instead, they seek a more simplified, and personalized experience as they lay their loved one to final rest. This way of caring for the deceased is also more economically favorable. Between these two priorities, cremation service in Geneseo, IA and across the country is becoming increasingly popular. But how does one go about arranging a direct cremation and personal memorial? With a little help, it’s easier to plan than you think.


What is a Direct Cremation?


A direct cremation is a basic after care service provided by funeral and cremation providers. The body of the person who has died is transferred from their place of death directly to the cremation facility, where it is immediately cremated. The ashes are later returned to the family in a basic container or box. The purpose of a direct cremation is to bypass the funeral home and forgo any ceremony or services that are conducted by a funeral care provider. 


Why Might Direct Cremation Be a Good Choice?


Many people think about how they want their bodies to be cared for after they die. All people come to various conclusions and preferences. While some people may want a full-service traditional funeral, others may not. The main reasons people choose direct cremations include:


  • Less expensive, making it less cost burdensome
  • Doesn’t require a full-size cemetery plot
  • Environmentally gentle, less impactful on the earth
  • More options for disposition of ashes
  • Ashes can be transported if the family moves


What to Expect with a Direct Cremation


The direct cremation process is simple and generally involves the following steps:


  • Deceased is transported to crematory from the place of death
  • Waiting period to obtain cremation permits and authorizations
  • Deceased is cremated with heat and flame, then cooled
  • Remains are processed, inurned and delivered to family


Families are then able to carry out a memorial service of their choosing, without professional funeral care or support.


After Care Your Way


Industry professionals are keenly aware of the trend towards do-it-yourself death care, and have begun to adjust their services to meet the need. Families can contact them for the required support, but without the excess features and amenities that a traditional funeral has.


Crematory professionals are capable and well prepared to help handle all elements of after care. They can provide guidance and support in areas of completing legal death certificates. Transportation of the deceased’s remains is also something they are licensed to do, once the authorities give the go-ahead.


Working with a qualified crematory professional is much the same as working with an experienced funeral director. Both will help you understand the options for care and the price for that support. They will keep you abreast of any important details as you conduct the services they are involved in.


Cost of Direct Cremation Service in Geneseo, IA


Direct cremation services are much more affordable than traditional funeral care. In fact, they can be as little as one fourth the cost!  This cost reduction is largely driven by the reduction of service requirements and resources. Because there is no funeral service, there is minimal need for ceremony planning or staff support. The body is directly cremated, so there is no need for an elaborate burial casket. Nor is there a need for a cemetery plot.


Prices will vary by provider and location, but the expenses you will have are focused around the cost of the direct cremation itself as well as any additional goods and services you might want, such as:


  • Urn or container
  • Fees for any columbarium niche or another place of final rest
  • Creation of keepsake jewelry with ash material


Preplanned Cremation Care


Cremation services, including direct cremation service in Geneseo, IA can be planned and paid for long before death occurs. The benefits of planning for future needs in this way have to do with locking in price in today’s dollars. You get the peace of mind knowing your preferences for care are documented, and the cost of care has already been paid. Surviving family and loved ones will appreciate that you have thoughtfully arranged the necessary details. The burden of leaving others to plan and pay for your departure from this life will be lifted, leaving your loved ones the chance to grieve without worrying.


Service with Dignity


Cremation Society of the Quad Cities was formed to meet the needs of today’s families and individuals seeking a more simplified way to approach after care. Our caring and dedicated professionals are here to serve families in the way that they wish to be cared for. If you’re searching for cremation service in Geneseo, IA, stop by our cremation facility and offices at 701 12th St Moline, IL 61265. For immediate services or other needs, you can reach us by phone at (309) 517-6539.

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