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Why Cremation Service in Bettendorf, IA is Becoming More Common


When you have experienced the loss of a loved one, you can trust Cremation Society of the Quad Cities to guide you through the process of honoring their life. At Cremation Society of the Quad Cities, we pride ourselves on serving families in Moline and the surrounding areas with dignity, respect, and compassion. Our staff is experienced in a variety of funeral services and can help you celebrate your loved one no matter your religion, culture, or budget.


Cremation Society of the Quad Cities has continued to serve Moline area families for years. We aim to deliver professional, value-priced, and self-directed cremation services to locals of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. Our compassionate staff are here to help you and your family with the burden of losing a loved one, so you can focus on celebrating your loved one's life. We are here to provide the comfort, sensitivity, and support you need to begin healing the grief of those who are left behind. Our primary purpose is to provide controlled costs and if you wish, documenting the details of your final arrangements to you and your family with peace of mind.


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Across the country, more families and individuals are choosing cremation services as their preferred means of final disposition. This trend has grown exponentially since the 1960s, with about 70% of all Americans expected to choose cremation by the year 2030. The change is largely explained by economic reasons and generational preferences. But there are other notable reasons as well. Whatever the case, choosing cremation service in Bettendorf, IA, is becoming more common. Here’s a quick look at what’s driving the increase in popularity:




On average, cremations are less expensive than casket burial services. Many of today’s families are under a significant amount of financial burden, with less discretionary income to pay for the more expensive traditional funeral and burial. When budget constraints are the driving concern, cremation is a respectable alternative. It provides an affordable way for families and individuals a way to care for their needs in death, without causing financial hardship.




Caring for the earth has become a high priority for many people across the nation. As more people have become aware of the extent of the problem, they are looking for ways to minimize their impact on the planet. The funeral industry has come under scrutiny for certain practices that are harmful in the long run.


  • Sustainability Concerns: To meet American demand, it’s estimated that about 30 million board feet of hardwood are harvested for casket fabrication each year. Other materials such as steel and concrete are equally in high demand for use in casket, vault, and monument creation.
  • Land Use: Large tracts of land are committed as cemetery grounds in cities and countryside. Once filled, new cemetery land is needed, and the cycle continues. While that in itself doesn’t seem problematic, the fact that this land cannot be used for other valuable purposes is often viewed that way.
  • Embalming: Chemical embalming fluids include formaldehyde and other organic solvents. These highly carcinogenic toxins are linked to diseases such as leukemia and brain cancer. Yet almost 827,000 gallons of this fluid are buried in American cemeteries each year. As years and decades pass, these chemicals leach into our groundwater supplies.


It should be noted that cremation itself is not 100% environmentally friendly because of emissions released in the process of reducing a body to elemental ash. But for many, cremation is still viewed as a better choice than a traditional burial. It avoids the use of embalming chemicals, avoids the consumption of precious natural resources, and reduces land use.


Mobility and Proximity


These days, our society is highly mobile. We regularly move across country and state lines. Families who wish to remain near a deceased loved one that has been buried in a fixed location do not have a lot of options. But cremation provides the flexibility of transporting their loved one’s ashes with them wherever they go. Keepsake jewelry is another method of accomplishing this, with ash used in its creation.




The pressures of modern life leave people with little time and energy left over for themselves. So, when a family member dies, the last thing that many people want is a large event planning project such as a traditional funeral. Even though professional support can help to carry that burden, the experience can be quite socially draining for some. They would rather hold a quiet, simple ceremony with loved ones and close friends. Cremation care is an excellent way to meet this preference.


Personalized Services


Many people want something more personal than traditional funerals can offer. Alternative death care services such as cremation service in Bettendorf, IA provide choices to surviving families and friends. Many are choosing do-it-yourself memorial services, where they can personalize services and the location of the final rest.




Cremation is merely the disposition of remains; it is not the final resting place of the person who has died. The choices of where to lay a loved one to rest are manifold. Individuals and families may choose to bury a loved one’s ashes in a cemetery plot. But they can also choose a columbarium niche, or an urn garden.


Outside of the cemetery, many people choose to place the cremated remains of their loved ones in a place of honor at home. A family shrine of sorts, in memory of the deceased. Others will scatter the ashes in a special location where allowed by law. Still, others will choose to use the ash as material to create a monument, bench, jewelry, etc. The choice is wide open.


Compassionate Cremation Service in Bettendorf, IA


When a loved one dies, consider the merits of cremation as you decide what’s best for you and your family. For additional information or questions, call our dedicated staff here at Cremation Society of the Quad Cities. It’s our greatest privilege to provide families and individuals with high-quality cremation service in Bettendorf, IA. Visit our office at 701 12th St Moline, IL 61265. Call today at (309) 517-6539.


Cremation FAQs


How much does Cremation cost?

  • Our most economical direct cremation costs $1,696. That cost includes transferring the deceased from a local hospital or nursing home to our on-site climate-controlled facility, obtaining all required cremation authorizations, filing the death certificate, and performing the cremation. There is an additional charge of $140 if death occurs in a home. Some families will select a cremation that includes viewing of the deceased in our Reflection Room or a memorial service, which are added services available to you at additional cost.


What if my family wants to have a memorial gathering, service, or luncheon?

  • While the Cremation Society of the Quad Cities™ does not offer many additional services, a wide range of memorial options are available from our affiliated companies, Trimble Funeral Home & Crematory and City View Celebrations, both located at Trimble Pointe in downtown, Moline.


 What are the benefits of choosing The Cremation Society of the Quad Cities?

  • Simply put, the main benefit is the significant savings in cost compared to the direct cremation charges of local funeral homes. Our charge for “Only Cremation” is at least $800 below the average cost of direct cremation of the fifteen funeral homes in Scott and Rock Island Counties.
  • Another benefit is that you can choose the services you want and record your wishes in advance. Your instructions and vital information will be kept on-file until it is needed. By having the information on hand at the time of death, arrangements will go more smoothly for your survivors.


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